How to free up space after a folder move (DSM shows false storage data)

Hi there, I have the following problem
I have two Shared Folders, each with it’s own folders and data.
I have snapshots enabled in each Shared Folder.
I decided to move a large folder (around 1.5TB) from one Shared Folder to the other.
Before that, I had around 5TB of free space on Volume 1 (my main Volume)
After the move transfer I now have 3.6TB free.
I emptied the recycle bins and I also deleted the snapshots prior to the transfer.
I’ve also set a Space Reclamation Schedule

Nothing seems to work and the free storage remains at 3.6TB
I could use all the hep I can get

Thanks everyone in advance

Hi Kodak,

I went through a similar situation. I deleted a lot of data (2 TB). At that point, I already had a Space Reclamation Schedule set, to do its work every night between 11 pm and 5 am.
After a few days, I noticed, that I didn’t get my space back, and wondered, because the night time should have been enough time, to do the job.
One day, I was working in the late evening (after 11 pm) and noticed, that my DiskStation is suspiciously quiet (because it wasn’t running the Space Reclamation process!) though I had it set to begin this process after 11 pm.

I did a lot of investigating but nothing helped.
Then, I set the Space Reclamation Schedule to “never run” and pressed “Ok”. After that I set the Schedule to “always” (I filled up all the blue squares) and confirmed it with “Ok”.
And voila the DiskStation immediately started running the process as crazy and freed even more space, than I was expecting.
Why? Because in the past, the Space Reclamation Process obviously never ran… :unamused:

So give it a try.

Best regards

PS: Before I noticed, that the Space Reclamation process never ran, I upgraded my DiskStation with bigger hard disks, because I was running out of space.
After my Space Reclamation process was “fixed” I noticed, that I had not to upgrade my hard disks, because I would have had enough space, when I had noticed it earlier, that the Space Reclamation wasn’t running. :exploding_head:
After the Space Reclamation was finished, I set it to the values before (11 pm to 5 am) and since than, I never had this problem again, but unfortunately, but I haven’t any explanation why.

It’s probably something in the Snapshot metafiles / indexes. You can go to Storage Manager > [original volume] > rt-click the 3-dots (…) in the upper right of the volume window and click Data Usage to confirm what’s going on — where.

Once you have some info there you can go back to SR (Snapshot Replication) and check the logs for date/time the error starts happening. Assuming it’s in SR, go to SR > Snapshots > and in turn highlight each volume, click the [Snapshot ▼] > Calculate size, select a time range of about 1-wk and click [Calculate Now]. When that’s finished click [Snapshot ▼] > Snapshot List. Now you should have targets to [Remove] and free up space. That should at least give you some wiggle room, if not cleanup the problem.

You can also refer to this Synology tutorial: free up space consumed by Snapshots

This generally works pretty well unless the index/metafile is totally hosed. In that case you’ll need further help than I can give, e.g., ssh into the NAS, go here, do that, etc.