How to Get Recycle Bin Functionality in TrueNAS SCALE?

When I delete a file in an SMB share, it would delete the file from the pool once and for all if there’re no snapshots taken with that file included, which is sometimes annoying (my offline backup only goes every month, so there’s a decent chance I can’t get a deleted file locally, and I have to download the file from my OneDrive backup). Can I somehow enable a Recycle Bin-like functionality in TrueNAS SCALE, so that the deleted files wouldn’t disappear from the drive instantly?
Thanks for your great content on YouTube about Synology, TrueNAS & various network equipment. They helped immensely for my homelab. Do keep it up!

Haha there actually is under the smb settings:

it will then create a hidden .recycling bin at the root of the share.

two things:

  1. it does not look like there is an easy way to clear this like on synology (may have to be done manually)
  2. on SCALE I had trouble seeing the files over SMB, I could see them via ssh though

Snapshots probably are going to be a better option for you

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