How to map Windows Explorer Network Drive to NAS and being able to access over internet (out of Local network)?

I have been trying and following multiple post and guidance, but I am still failing to setup my windows explorer network drive mapping to my NAS. I have no problem accessing through “//home”. But that can only work if I am in the local network. When I move outside of the local network, it never works.

Really appreciate if can provide the guidance / steps through the setup. I do not prefer to go through any VPN which few said it can be done so.

Thanks in advance.


If I understand you correctly, you are trying to see your NAS from an off-site computer over the internet (not directly connected to LAN) using Windows File Explorer?

Yes. Exactly. Appreciate if you can guide me through the steps.

When accessing files on your NAS using smb over the internet there is only one secure way to do it. Watch this video.

You can also use the WebDAV package to do it. There are lots of videos on setting up WebDAV…