How to remove Synology Logo from Synology Photos

If I ssl into my DS1821 plus

Do you thing I can find the JPG of the Synology photos logo and replace it with a blank jpg?

So I would only remove SSH into the NAS and remove the logo if you really have to. It should work, but you never know what will happen with an update or anything like that.

Instead you can customize it pretty well by going into control panelLogin PortalApplicationsSynology Photos and edit the login page.

My settings:

What it looked like:

Note: You sill do end up with that Synology Photos logo in there, but it’s at least better.

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This is using a Synology Photos, shared photo album

For a fundraiser I embedded the shared photo album inside of my webpage, but I really don’t want their logo on the page

Yeah, that is unfortunate. You may have better luck editing the CSS embedded code, or just changing the .png logo probably would do it!

Yes, I was thinking of uploading a new PNG, even if it’s just a white blank, PNG, the same size as the original.

I’m no artist, but if I was, I would stick my own logo in there, I might do this after the release of 7.2.

Yeah I would absolutely do that.

I have seen people posting that their custom CSS works so you should be fine! Plus by just replacing the PNG you have very low risk!

Does anyone know where this png is?

Considering I don’t know css, ssh is my way to go. Thank you very much!

So CSS is basically just Fancy HTML (This is a wild oversimplification), but its just text files that tell your web-browser how to render a page. So when you SSH in, you can either find the CSS files that are rendering the view, or just find the logo.

From a quick web inspector it looks like the file you may be looking for is called ic_package.svg

It looks to have not only the logo, but also the name. I am not super familiar with SVG files, but you probably can just rename it and see what happens.

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 8.18.46 AM

I’m not wining at this.

Two issues, logging in as root, and finding the file.

Can anyone assist me. Im lost

I found the Following on:

Change ‘<admin_user>’ to the short name of your admin user account… for the ‘1x’ file.

  1. save a copy of the file in case you need it.
  2. copy original file to your home folder.
  3. change the ownership of the copied file so you can work with it.


sudo cp /volume1/\@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/dsm/1x/logo_synology_photos.png /volume1/\@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/dsm/1x/logo_synology_photos.png.saved
sudo cp /volume1/\@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/dsm/1x/logo_synology_photos.png /volume1/homes/<admin_user>
sudo chown <admin_user>:users /volume1/homes/<admin_user>/logo_synology_photos.png

Copy the fie back to the original location…

  1. copy the worked file back to the original place
  2. change the file’s owner/group back to SynologyPhotos.


sudo cp /volume1/homes/<admin_user>/logo_synology_photos.png /volume1/\@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/dsm/1x
sudo chown SynologyPhotos:SynologyPhotos /volume1/\@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/dsm/1x/logo_synology_photos.png
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If anyone’s looking for the path for the updated synology photos:

UI images can be found in /volume1/@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/images/icon and

Customize the website title by replacing the ‘Synology Photos’ in /volume1/@appstore/SynologyPhotos/ui/texts/enu.