How to send deleted files from NAS using Finder, to NAS folder recycle bin?

Hello, when I use my NAS (using Finder on Mac with Ventura) and I want to delete a file, when I right-click the file > move to bin, I get a message saying —
'Are you sure you want to delete this file? This item will be deleted immediately. You can’t undo this action.’
How can I delete a file from my NAS and know that it will go into the NAS folder’s recycle bin?
Thank you.

Doesn’t it go seamlessly in to the #recycle folder for the folder in File Station that it was originally in?
If you click on the file in File Station there are a number of options to select from as to what to do with file, including restore it.

If I am working in File Station, deleted files go to the NAS folder’s recycle bin - but I am not working in File Station; I am working in Finder on my mac.
I am setting up the NAS for me and another person to use; the other person will only be using the NAS via finder (not File Station) hence my question.
Does that help? What am I missing?

You’re not missing anything.
As an example, I deleted a video from the link I have to the video folder share on the Synology NAS from my Linux PC. In Linux, the file is deleted and is no longer listed which is the expected behaviour in Linux (MacOS too IIRC), nor is in the Linux recycle bin. However, as I described above, going to File Station in the NAS I can recover the file (if needed) from there (according to permanent delete preferences set, of course).
If you still need to access the file, don’t delete it is the simplest advice.

Thank you - after thoroughly testing the deleting function, you are quite correct. I can see how it works now. Very happy :clap:

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So pleased you got it sorted.