How to setup for two individual MacOS user computers to view and use all the same files and folders

Want to give my wife and I the same full access and view of all our files on the DS923+ NAS. This will allow us to create and have read/write access to all the same files and folders on the NAS whenever we log in. We have been doing this on the Drobo NAS but need to change the NAS since Drobo is now out of business. Want to ensure that the assigned file permissions on each of our Macs, or some other issue, does not get in the way.

Is the right way to accomplish this joint access to set up one account for both of us with same login info for the on the DS923+ NAS?

I would just create 2x accounts (one for you one for your wife) and then just create shared folders and give both you and your wife permission!

Thanks, Will.

Do I set the permissions up on the MacOS by applying the desired R/W permissions to the top level folder on the NAS that is displayed in the finder (which includes every sub folder and all the files) and therefore everything in there will get the new permissions? Or are there additional steps I will need to take?

All the permissions you are going to set are just going to be on the shared folder on the synology in control panel

Appreciate the help, Will, I will test that theory when I get the DS923+ later this week…first step is to transfer the 1TB of folders/files from the Drobo NAS onto the DS923+ NAS. Hoping I can connect both NAS’s on the Ethernet to perform the transfer more quickly by dragging the Drobo folder to the Synology NAS. Then I can try assigning the permissions as you suggested.