How would I migrate from a DS223 to a DS1621+?

It didn’t take long for me to realize that my photo and video work will quickly fill out my DS223 NAS (with two 12TB Ironwolf drives in SHR RAID config). I was also finding my video editing in Final Cut Pro X with media from the NAS was painfully slow.

Since there is only one Ethernet port on the DS223, I have it going to my xFinity cable modem, which is connected directly to my iMac. So, the NAS is running through the cable modem in route to my iMac. Is that part of the reason for the painful video editing?

In light of the quickly diminishing space I’m planning to get the DS1621+, max it out on RAM, move over my two 12TB drives, and then add one more 12TB drive. Is that a sound plan? If so, what’s the best approach to that kind of migration? Thanks!

I’ve the DS1621xs+ and it’s a beast. My computers on 10GB can’t keep up with it and it runs VMs and everything. Yours wouldn’t be as powerful as it doesn’t have the Intel Xeon but the AMD Ryzen, but compared to what you have, it’s day and night.

You can max out the RAM to 32GB but you don’t need to. You’re not running VMs or anything nor having a single volume over 160TB but RAM is cheap so your call.

The 1621+ doesn’t have 10GB but has 4 x 1GB ports you can bond to make a 4GB link but you do need to buy a gigabit switch that supports link bonding for that and to also take the load of your cable modem which most likely can’t even handle transferring at 1GB. If you can stretch it, fill the unit with drives and go with a RAID5 with hot spare or RAID6 for redundancy. Costs a bit, but worth it. Also, the Ironwolf Pros have 5 year warranties and much better performance.

You can also get two NVMe drives and create a cache with this model too. That would speed up your photos for sure. Video, it depends on the size of the cache and the video files.

Thanks, much that’s helpful here. Cache? Is that were the two slots for SSD chips come into play? Would that be the better upgrade than RAM?

Also, you comment about the cable modem makes me wonder if there might be a way to cut that out of the picture? Direct connect to the iMac? Or, connect to the iMac through the OWC Hub instead of through the cable modem? Thx

You can migrate the HDDs from the DS223 to the DS1621+. Make sure you have a backup in case of.
RAM is not of any concern. SSD cache? I doubt you will benefit from it. A 10Gbit connection is the most interesting upgrade.

I greatly benefit from my cache, it’s always at 90-100%. 10GB yes, but that’s a very expensive upgrade as he’ll need a NIC, Switch and PCI-E Card for the Synology that are all 10GB. If he can saturate his 1GB, or look at 2.5GB, that’ll be a huge improvement.

Back to my original question - How would I migrate from a DS223 to a DS1621+?

I currently have two 12TB Ironwolf Pro drives in the DS223 with an SHR RAID configuration. So, I’m really getting only about 10.9TB of usable space. I’ve used 3TB thus far, so have 7.4TB free.

Thought I’d buy one new 12TB Ironwolf Pro drive for the new DS1621+.

Can I just pull the two drives outta the DS223 and pop them in the DS1621+? Or, would I need to use the Synology migration assistant? Having used only 3TB of the DS223, the new 12TB drive in the DS1621+ should provide enough space even if I have to use the migration assistant - correct??

I guess the question goes to how do I configure the new drive in the DT1621+ so I can be sure I am able to use it to do the migration? Thx

As stated earlier in this thread, you can pull the two drives from the DS223 and place them in the DS1621+. No need to use the Migration Assistant.