Hyper backup does not have versioning enabled - Still keeps versions and filling up the storage


I have this DS920+ that runs a Hyper Backup off site to a DS216J.

The task does not have versioning nor rotation enabled, still I have more than 140 versions of backups. One for each run every day.

Now this is starting to fill up the DS216J as I in the last week have replaced a lot of large files. I was wondering if someone knew what the issue is, how I can fix it and stop it in the future so that only the last file is kept.

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does this explanation help understand the issue?

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Yes. It describes the issue very well, and I think what is going on is that the changes of the files are added on top of the files already there.

Now the problem is that this was something I wanted to avoid, so I do not have any versioning set for this task.

Still different versions are kept.

I downloaded, from the backup on the DS216j, two identical files. One from a few days back and one from june. Both came back the way they were at that given moment in time.

I just want to keep the very last version of the file as this is a media library with several TB worth of movies.

Please see the following screenshots that illustrate what I think is evidence that versioning should not happen, but indeed does happen, on this backup:

No versioning enabled on this folder:

Lots of modified files since 17 june.

Source usage is relatively flat during the modification of files

Destination usage is steadily increased since june 17

HDD usage on the DS216j is now in a warning state with versions of large size movie files that is not required:

07 - warning

So hyperbackup always has versioning (unless you use a different method called ‘single version’) which is why you actually storing 140 versions.

If you want only the most recent version of files backed up you need to enable the backup rotation, and set Max number of kept versions to 1. This way it will rotate out all old versions. Right now you are not rotating the versions that are created every time hyperbackup runs.

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Thank you Will for coming back to me.

As of now, although there are 140 versions back in time (140 days I assume since this backup is done once a day) there are still no more than two files for each movie. One that was originally added, and then the modified version that I started adding last Friday.

I’ve considered what you suggest, but reading the information description I fear that the backup still will keep two versions of the files, hence no change to the storage usage.

If I read the information correct it will keep the last AND one other version, and this is were I am today anyway…

08 - versions 1

So one thing to note. Versions do not duplicate space. If you had 180 versions of a 2 TB file, and the file had not changed, then it would only take up 2TB in the backup destination, not 360.

For you if its mostly movies you have, the only ‘space’ the versions would be taking is any files that were deleted on the source, would not be deleted on the destination, as long as the file had existed on one of the held versions

Yes, I see what you mean there.

Only the changes (deltas) would be added to the storage.

Now the issue in my case is that I’ve changed the order of two or more audio tracks of the movies. In effect a large part of the file was then changed and I was quickly running out of storage.

It seems like the solution was to set rotation on, customized settings with one day only and Max number of kept versions to 1 as you suggested.

When this was done I saw all but two of the versions were deleted and space was reclaimed!