Hyper Backup Fails to Connect to a Renamed Directory

First of all, I realize there is a “user-error” component to my problem. However, I’m hoping there’s a quick fix, instead of having to start over with a brand new backup.

I have a media folder that I’m backing up between 2 external USB drives on Hyper Backup. To make this post easier to follow, let’s say one HD backs up photos and the other one backs up videos. This is a secondary backup to my C2 cloud backup of my whole drive. I manually run the backup on the 2 HDs monthly and store them in a safe. For the past 6-8 months, I’ve had no problems and the backups are pretty quick, just updating changes.

Last night, I made a critical error. Seeing there’s 2 USB ports in my Synology NAS, I plugged both drives in. I thought this would save me the few extra seconds it would have taken to unplug the first drive after it completed its back up and plug in the second. Anyway, the photos backup completed with no issue. However, when it was time to back up the video drive, Hyper Backup indicated there was no disk to backup to. In DSM, the USB drive was connected and the files appeared in File Station. I checked permissions and the Hyper Backup settings. Eventually, I noticed the discrepancy was Hyper Backup expects to see “usbshare1” and the videos HD appears as “usbshare2”. From reading other forum posts, I think what happened is the HD was renamed when the photos HD with the same name was present.

I figure there’s 2 possible solutions to “trick” Hyper Backup to relink to the task. Either edit the backup task to point towards the new directory name, or rename the HD back to its original “usbshare1”.

Is it possible to rename the HD? This seems to be the simplest solution. However, when I plug the HD into my Mac OSX, the name comes up as “Elements”, which is the WD brand. I don’t see “usbshare2” anywhere.

Otherwise, can I somehow get Hyper Backup to relink to this drive without having to create a whole new backup task?

Or, is there another way to fix this issue?

This issue should be easy to overcome. To understand the issue, some basics about naming external USB drives.

First, the HD becomes a shared folder in DSM. Default names are ‘usbshare1’ and so on. You not only can rename that shared folder, but you should that, because…
Two, the default name is random based on what is connected first, but Hyper Backup needs that name to be consistent. You can see the name that HB expects in the HB task. Probably it is usbshare1 for both disks.

Next, when you remove both external drives and insert the drive for videos, it will be named usbshare1 again, and HB will run.

As suggested, rename both usbshareX names in Control Panel > Shared Folder and change the designation of the backup in the backup task in HB.