Hyper backup has me Hyper confused

New to Hyper backup and following your videos.

I’m trying to backup to an e-sata connected storage box with hardware RAID, and 4 8TB Drives configured as JBOD. Synology seems to see and access this fine under “satashare”. I’ve formatted it to EXT4 as this seems to give the best performance.

I’m trying to backup basic home files including Photos, Documents, home videos, etc. I calculated the file size to be around 3TB. I also added all the configurations under Application Backup. I ended the backup after over 10TB of data was copied. WTH!?

I think Application Backup duplicates things (makes two backups) like my photos folders, and also copies all my surveillance video (1TB limit) even though I did not select that folder. I just wanted all surveillance SETTINGS backed up. This makes my backup much larger. Or is this because of Backup Rotation (which I’m also using). But as this is the first backup, There shouldn’t be 10TB of stuff to backup. What gives?

One possibility is that when you add up your files and get 3TB, it’s because you’re not including material in the Recycle Bin on the Synology. Another possibility is that you’re not including the multiple versions created by Synology Drive. Application settings does NOT back up the data, so that’s not the issue.

A better option to see what your volume storage metrics are is to use the Main Menu and select Storage Manager from the list of applications.
That will give you a much better picture of what you are using.


Don’t forget that when setting up the backup task, you can check and uncheck folders and navigate within folders to uncheck Parent and subfolders (particularly the Trash folders) unless you have a specific use case for backing them up. Remember also that system configurations will be backed up automatically every time a version is created so there is no ned to replicate that process. As for backuping up the Applications, ISTR that they didn’t take up much space in the backup or much time to perform the task but, unless you have have made significant changes to them, they are readily re-downloadable in the even of a need to completely restore the system.

Add to that, you can best see the metrics on your target drives by going to Control Panel > External Devices and seeing the Used/Total size from there (you’ll need to mount it of course).

Hope that helps.
Having navigated my way through most of the options in HB and caried out various experiments (reformatting the disk between times), I’ve actually drawn the conclusion that HB is a good tool and works well if you configure it carefully.

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  1. By any chance, is your VOLUME1 formated with BTRFS?
    If so, please remember that BTFRS is dedublicating and EXT4 is not.
    So when copying data from BTRFS to EXT4 the transfered data on the target will always be bigger than on the source.

  2. If you include AB4B repositories in your HB Job every single AB4B Version will become a separate subfolder (no deduplication applied) thus roughly multiplying the seize of the AB4B repository by the number of restorepoints. → Do not include AB4B job in HB but make a separate HB job and check if my statement is true. Feedback appreciated.

  3. I am 99% sure that Hyperbackup Application backup not only saves the configuration but also the data of some apps. My HB Appllication backups including the Cloudsync app are always bigger by order of magnitude compared HB jobs without Cloudsync. When restoring CloudSync also the synced shared folders on source NAS are restored to the target NAS.