Hyper Backup Restore Destination


I backed up a shared folder with Hyper Backup. Now, I want to restore that data to a different volume on the same NAS. The restore wizard in Hyper Backup doesn’t give me any options as to where that data will go in the restore process. How can I make sure it goes to the correct volume?

Note: in this case, the data is from Active Backup for Business. I’m trying to follow this guide: https://kb.synology.com/en-us/DSM/tutorial/How_to_backup_and_relink_Active_Backup_for_Business_with_DSM_backup_packages#x_anchor_id9

If I recall correctly, Hyper Backup Explorer (HBE) does let you choose the restore destination. HBE is a desktop utility that you can download from Synology Download Center.

Ok, I tried the Hyper Backup Explorer, but there was no .hbk and .bkpi file to restore from. Perhaps this is because I only ever did one back up and there are no other versions. Either way, I couldn’t find a way to restore with Hyper Backup Explorer.

There should be a .hbk or bkpi file from the first backup. Are you on Windows or Mac. What was your sequence of actions? If you share more information, you have more chances of getting help.

I may have a better idea: Backup Explorer in Hyper Backup.

Log into DSM and open Hyper Backup. Click on the Backup Explorer button. This button is situated next to Backup Now button in the middle of the Hyper Backup screen. This opens Backup Explorer.

  • select backup data at the scale at the bottom
  • select folder or files
  • copy or download the data

With Backup Explorer, you can not restore the system configuration or applications.