Hyper Backup retention

I am relatively new to Synology NAS devices. I really like what I see thus far, but I would like to get clarity on retention settings for Hyper Backup. I am backing u with Active Backup and its retention settings. I use Hyper Backup to backup the entire NAS to the C2 cloud storage. I am having some difficulty with what retention settings to use as the retention settings of Active Backup are different than those of Hyper Backup. if I have 60 days of backup with Active Backup, how do I set Hyper Backup to do the same? Please explain. Thank you in advance.

Hi, you posted three weeks ago, so I do not know whether this is still an unsolved issue.
When you make a backup from a backup, do not use versioning. Instead, use the single file copy option via rsync in Hyper Backup.
This way, you achieve an identical copy of your backup, which includes all the bells and whistles, on a different device.

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