Hyper backup should be called Deadslow backup


I am using DSM 7.2.1 in a new DS1621+ with Raid 6. Currently there are four 6TB WD Plus Hd’s with two open slots available. The system is great, but I am having an issue with backing up my NAS with Hyper backup. I am backing it up to a SSD USB drive that is directly connected to rear of the NAS. The data transfers speeds while backing up this way are insanely slow.

Are there any tips or tricks to improve speed or is there an alterative way to backup other than Hyper backup?

Thank you

Hyper Backup is never going to be a speed devil. It works very securely but can be very slow if you have many small files.

That said, the speed from the screenshot seems relatively low to me, even for Hyper Backup. Apart from the small files theory, I would test the connection to the USB device by copying some files back and forth. Pause the backup first.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am attempting to just do a simple USB copy but I am not seeing the transfer rate anywhere. Is there something I am missing? Thank you

Some USB copy stats to compare. It already blew through 100gb in 25minutes

I wanted to inform anyone who reads my post that I have abandoned the idea to use HyperBackup. This is not a feature that works in my view, as it’s too slow. I’ts not realistic to use. I simply used USB copy and I finished everything in a couple hours.

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