Hyper Backup task much bigger than expected after re-organizing files

Hello friends!

A few days ago I re-organized my photo library. I moved all my RAW-files from /home/my-photos/ to home/photos/ (this is the dedicated folder for Synology Photos app). These files are approx 2TB.

My understanding was that Hyper Backup would detect that these files are only moved and already backed up, but my current running backup task is much much bigger than expected. The backup task is approx 110GB. (I’m expecting a size of approx 10GB, which is the size of files added since the last backup).

Another thing that happens when moving files to the Photos folder was a big job of generating thumbnails and videos for the files. I’m thinking that perhaps these thumbnails were included in the backup? My understanding is however, that thumbnails and preview videos are automatically excluded in Hyper Backup?

Anybody know if my assumptions are wrong, or what else is going on?