Hyper backup to C2 and restoration to NAS with new Hard drive structure

Hi there.
I currently have a NAS with 1 storage pools with SHR (linked to 2 Hard Drives + 1 volume created for the storage pool), and 2 spare hard drives of lower capacity which are not mounted yet. I’d like to combine the 4 hard drives to 1 storage pool with SHR to increase the total capacity.

To back-up the data, I am planning to use hyper backup and a C2 storage account.
Is there any documentation or knowledge about the restoration process once the back-up is done ? does the restoration process requires the same storage pool structure and/or same volume structure and/or same hard drive structure ?

one user shared that change in hard drive prevented restoration process to happen
see and I cannot figure out hard points for my case: https://www.reddit.com/r/synology/comments/19ajd31/convert_entire_system_backup_to_volume_backup/

Bunch of Thanks

note : documentation is the following:

  1. To restore an entire system, the restoration destination and the source NAS (the original system being backed up) must meet the following requirements:
  • The model of the restoration destination should be the same as the source NAS or a newer model (e.g., restore the backup of DS218+ to another DS218+ or DS220+)
  • The number of drives and available storage space on the restoration destination must be equal to or greater than that of the source NAS
  • The drive setup, including drive type and inserted slot positions, should match the configuration of the source NAS. For example, if the source NAS uses all SSDs, the restoration destination should also use all SSDs; if the source NAS has a mix of SSDs and HDDs, the destination must have the same combination and order

not clear if moving from 2 to 4 drives would work, as inserted slot positions would change from 1,2 to 1, 2, 3,4. Seems the last bullet points are contradicting each other. (number of drives can only increase and same slot positions before/after)