Hyperback up to a offsite NAS - can I do first backup using external drive attached to main nas?

I recently purchased and set up a second nas that I will be able to host offsite. I understand the process of using tailscale to connect the devices as well as the need to do the initial backup locally as I am trying to backup 11.4tb of data.

On the main machine, I have an external hard drive that is currently running a nightly backup. Is there a way to use the backed up content from the external drive and plug that into the new nas and do the initial transfer of data this way since usb would be faster?


Hi MichaelB,
Yes, this should be working. I have not tested this, but if you are interested, we could work out the details.
To get started, I suggest you create a small backup through a separate backup task, copy that over via USB or Internet, and attempt to connect the new task to the backup, which is now remotely.

Hi Paul,

I ended up doing the whole thing and luckily it worked out. It was a bit confusing during the set up process. I had to log in with my main NAS credentials because it is linked as the owner of the backup file. All tested locally and seems to be working. Tomorrow I place it in the remote location and will test again. Thanks!