HyperBackup Failed to Connect

Good evening! My problem is completely my fault. I was messing around in Package Center uninstalling packages that I thought weren’t necessary and removed the Node.JS packages. I didn’t notice that one of them was required for HyperBackup and it removed that as well.

After noticing what I had done, I reinstalled everything and tried to set it up and I keep getting this message.

I have a 1621+ doing HyperBackup to a remote NAS device at a remote location on a different network. I’ve verified port forwarding is still in place but I still can’t get it to work. Is there something else I may have uninstalled that I need?

I can access both NAS device’s through Quick Connect and when I am on the location of the two devices via the networks. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I could have backed up applications so I can’t restore HyperBackup to it’s previous state.

How does Hyper Backup (HB) at the source location access the remote location? I am referring to external access, for example, DDNS with port forwarding.