HyperBackup - Having to restart entire backup

Hello fellows i’ve got HB setup on 4 computers.

One of this pc. often have to restartbacking up entire drive.
I can’t find the reason why backup configuration is the same as another Pc in the same remote network, the second pc does not encounter this problem. Anyone knowwhat should i investigate ?

I’ve tried:
Backing up only C:
Deleting entire incremental history
Looking through basic DSM logs.

After a full backup i can sucessfully launch a backup and a increment is done.
After that it can take 1-2weeks before that taks does a full backup again.

Backup is schedule every 12hpm and takes about 30min.
Compression and encryption are used. A Ddta integrity check is made every sunday.
All version made are “restorable”

just to clarify. Are you taking about hyperbackup or Active backup for business?