Hyperbackup using seagate hdd

I recently watched one of your YouTube videos about getting a personal hard drive to do daily backups of your nas. I have a DS720 and have learned alot about synology’s nas because of you. THANK YOU. My concern is since the hard drive i got was a seagate expansion hdd 16tb personal hard drive, since it is not a nas type drive will there be a problem leaving the seagate on constantly to do daily backups or should i turn off the seagate while still usb connected till the next backup. I really dont need to do daily backups but im considering doing a backup 3 times a week. Or does the seagate drives shutdown when it hasnt been used in awhile. I think this is one of the hard drives you mentioned on your video. Thank you hope you can help me

I would just let it run and not worry about it! You can also set the USB drive to hibernate after 1 hour which would allow it to spin down often!