I screwed up something up with RSync

I have had a Synology DS 9918 since 2018 - works great no problems…

I bought a Synology DS1621 - loaded it with bigger hard drives.

For some reason which I can’t remember (but I suspect I got the idea from watching a SpaceRex / Will video), I used Rsync to duplicate all of the 9918 folders via the home network to the 1621.

I don’t think I really did any significant testing at that time but I then moved the DS1621 out to Phoenix. I wanted to eventually have a backup and then setup basically 2 synced NAS’s with something like hyperbackup between the 9918 and the 1621 in different cities because I travel between the two and wanted to have a backup of the 9918 in another location.

I’m not sure when it happened because I don’t remember when I noticed it, but directory structures were all duplicated the 1621 but also had an additional directory with an underscore…

Music MP3
Music MP3_1
Old Shares
Old Shares_1

The DS9918 is still exactly as original, no underscore directories - the 1621 has the folders with underscores.

The original folders on the 1621 are accessible, and I can copy off of them to the underscore folder, but I cannot delete from the original folder - I get a warning message " This item will be deleted immediately. You can’t undo this action." press okay, then it tells me “The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items”.

It originally took several days to transfer all of the folders so I don’t really want to get rid of them and start over, if there’s anyway I can fix this by figuring out how to change the permissions or merge the two folders that would be great. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Virtually every folder has one of these folders has a duplicate with an underscore, only on the lowest level folders - basically the root directory - all of the child directories from the original main directories have no underscores. For the most part, I’ve only needed to retrieve files from the original copied folders, so I’d like to keep them and add anything from the underscore folders back to the original folders.

Longterm I want to use to a regular Synology backup app from Package center that updates nightly or concurrently as have been demo’d by Will on the channel.



Hi Doug,
You posted in the General category instead of the Synology category, which may explain why you did not get a response.

We will never know which actions led to the situation you described, but I assess that you might have created shared folders on the new NAS (DS1621+) first and started rsync or a variation like Shared Folder Sync (SFS) next.

Rsync wants to create the shared folders itself and create a duplicate with a suffix like _1 if it finds a shared folder with the same name.
SFS, and probably rsync, too, set advanced permissions on the shared folder, which limits file management operations like deleting.

I find it hard to recommend what to do next. You can fix the double folders by ending the sync, removing advanced permissions, and merging the shared folders. But that leaves you without any sync option. Another, and in my view, the better option, is to wipe the 1621+ and start from scratch.

Back to the drawing board, determine what you want to achieve, and build it from there.