If my DS920+ were to crash, can I restore backup on a different model?

I am very happy with my DS920+ (thanks SPACEREX) and have set up Active Backup to an external USB-drive (thanks SPACEREX again). I realized the other day that my store no longer sell the DS920+ (now they sell newer models). So my question is if my NAS were to fail in the future (ie not the drives) will it still be possible to restore the backup to a different model (in particular all systems/applications settings)? If it could be problematic, any suggestions for how to set it up so I can then (worst case) buy a new current NAS model and restore everything?

Whether your DS920+ dies or you plan to upgrade to a newer model in the future, with Plus models you can almost certainly do an HDD migration. You put your HDDs in the new NAS and boot it up.

Alternatively, you can restore configuration, data, and applications to a new NAS. Data and application data seem obvious but do not forget configuration data. You can backup the latter up to Synology cloud, your computer, or as part of a Hyper Backup backup.

Last but not least, you could consider an entire system backup with either Active Backup for Business or Hyper Backup. This includes everything.