Ignore failing drive warning DS1515+

My DS1522+ gives me the ability to suppress an unhealthy drive warning, but the DS1515+ doesn’t give me that option. Is there any way to suppress this message via CLI?

I have two shucked drives that I purchased secondhand that have no SMART errors, bad sectors, or drive reconnection instances but both are showing up as failed. I’ve been running these drives in my primary NAS for months, but have recently moved them to the backup unit (DS1515+) just to be on the safe side. I’ve ran extended tests on them and don’t see any cause for concern short of Synology marking the drives as Failing with no explanation.

failing drive

I have run into the exact same issue before where the NAS just will not let you add a drive that has disconnected too many times.

Would love to hear if anyone has found a work around

Both drives work fine in both the DS1522+ and the DS1515+, they’re currently functioning as part of my volume. Unfortunately, they throw FAILING errors on every SMART scan which I get notified about via email/push. I’d rather not disable SMART monitoring on these drives since the data related to sector reallocation, etc… is still useful. As far as I can tell, neither of these drives have had any disconnections while I’ve owned them.

Long term I’m going to try to replace these drives and move them into a non-Synology RAID. I did briefly read an anecdote that describes a similar problem as having something to do with shucked drives not having all of the typical SMART monitoring features available and possibly some non-standard SMART entries are causing DSM to complain.


So in my experience with shucking, I normally get normal drives out of them. Did the drives ever work?


They both still work fine.

If you’re asking if they ever ran without being marked as Failing by DSM? Yes, they were fine right up to the first Extended SMART test, then they got marked as failing. They pass quick SMART tests with no issues.

Some more details:

  • They are both EMFZ drives.
  • They are the only EMFZ drives I have, I have other shucked drives in my array
  • One is 12TB and one is 14TB
  • They will always pass a quick test and fail an extended test

2023-03-04 14_22_25-Window

I don’t think there is a solution to this problem, more of an FYI on my experience with EMFZ drives.

I have had the exact same issue, where an extended test throws the error, but then a short test does not. The drive will then refuse to get added into a pool