iOS backup to NAS (using symlink)

Hi, Thanks for all the vids on Synology out there already, helped alot!

This video suggestion is with regards to iOS backups.

The photos app really is already great, but to do a full backup, Apple makes it rather hard to bring it to the NAS.

You can use a symlink to link the default backup folder to an external drive, you can easily find how to do this online. Works for me as well to an external HDD plugged into my Mac, perfectly fine so far.

However I find they are incredibly slow to my NAS (I monitor 99% of the time around 50 KB/s upload from my computer/download to NAS) and thus take incredibly long (were talking many hours).

I know dropping many Gb of files to my Synology NAS from the same computer works flawlessly at 15-20 mbps, so probably I am missing somewhere here, that you might be able to pick up.

I’ve found a few other people facing the same issue but no solutions, here there is one user stating the same issue a few years ago:

I think there’s more people that would like their iphones and ipads to locally backup to their Synology NAS. It’d be great to see what you do or recommend doing

Thanks in advance!