IP Address locked on Synology ds1522+ NAS

New to NAS and set it up yesterday - thanks to your YouTube videos! Today I went to login with my Admin (which has 2FA) and I get a message “This IP address has been blocked because it has reached the maximum number of failed attempts in a specified time period. Please contact the system administrator.”

That’s me! What do I need to do to get back in?

I have the same problem on my ‘normal, non-admin’ account.

How many times did you try to log in? Did you change the block settings when setting up? There should be a reset after your specified delay.

I do have the settings on to block after 10 tries in 5 min with one day to reset.
The strange issue is if I have these set and then log out, as soon as I log back in (a moment later) the IP address is blocked. 1 try.
After a RESET, I’ve turned off blocking. And I’ve had to do this a few times.

I haven’t started moving data yet since I can’t tell if I lost all the rest of my setup security from resetting every time I get in.

I tried putting my local IP addresses from my network router in the Allow but that didn’t work either. ( for my Xfinity router).

Appreciate ideas from the community! I’m new to NAS and have limited network knowledge.

That sounds no fun. Synology support has been very responsive and maybe they can give some insight.

Please note that when you are blocked through auto block, the IP address of that computer is blocked. Using another device on your network, computer, phone, or tablet will give you access.
Next, I would immediately check the block list (next to the allow list) and review the blocked address. Is that address in the range (or subnet) you included in the allow list?

I asked this because you may access your NAS from another IP address than you think you do. As a result, your allow list is not adequate.

Another resource to investigate the matter is Log Center > Connection log. Here, you can see the IP address from where you logged in. The same is true for the Resource Monitor > Connections page.

It would be great if you could share more on how you configured the allow list and how you access your NAS through what kind of address (IP address, QuickConnect, DDNS, and so on).

Found that my main computer IP was on the block (forever) list, so that is cleared up. And I have all my LAN IP range in the allow list (i think that is secure for me).

The log didn’t show attempts, but I now wonder if thats only because i was on the block forever list.

Thanks for the great ideas. I think this part is now working. What I don’t know is how to get back into completing the “Drive Check” since that was disrupted by me doing several RESETs. Otherwise I plan to go back through all the setup configuration from Will’s video and validate it all.

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