IP Cameras for Synology Surveillance

I’m trying to move my cloud functions/services away from commercial providers and my next step is to ditch my nest cameras for a few IP PoE cameras and utilize the Synology app. Does anyone have any experience with cameras that work well with the Surveillance package?

Synology in my experience has a pretty good compatibility list that actually works well. Anything with ONVIF will also work. TL;DR; its hard to go wrong.

I have used a few reolink cameras in the past and they have been really solid for the price

I’m assuming the Nest Cameras do not work with Synology’s Surveillance Package? I have 3 but I haven’t opened them yet =)

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I like the Nest Outdoor Cameras also, in fact it’s what I will be replacing. I’m trying to get away from subscription based products where possible and this is just one more thing I can do with my NAS. I did see the exhaustive list from Synology and it looks like support shouldn’t be an issue for most of the ones I’ve been looking at so far. It’s interesting you mention the Reolink; I was looking at those and the Amcrest.

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You probably can’t. Google really likes locking their stuff down

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Reolink is the way to go.
They also have a doorbell working just fine in SS.

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Reolink for me too.
3 camera (4K) recording to a DS920+, it use max 20% of the NAS CPU. Less on average.
SS allows many features.

SS comes with 4 integrated cam licences.
For additional 3rd party cam you need to buy a licence pack.

If you plan to use 3rd party ip cams you might also consider the synology DVA1622.

Its basically a DS220+ with additional 4GB of RAM and integrated 8 camera licences.
it also has an integrated GPU that allows 2 AI tasks to run.
The cost of the unit is about 300€/£/$ higher than the DS220 but if you consider original Synology RAM and the additional 4 licences you end up in the same ball park.

The EXOS 16TB drives work fine and have a good bang for your buck.
BTW, if you have 2 disks inserted and run the initial provision of DSM it will create a 2-disk SHR1 BTRFS volume. THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE EASILY.
So if you want to store on EXT4 (faster but no selfhealing and snap shots) i suggest to boot the system with only 1 drive inserted.

Canera wise i recommend RLC-811A for the optical zoom. This allows to dial in the highest resolution to the distance where it matters most. So you have more flexibilty with plcement of the cams. (For professional installation optical zoom is a must and “pro” cams like AXIS charge 4 digist for this feature)