IronWolf Pro on compatibility list for DS1520+ but not DS1522+, does it really matter?

I’ve sold a handful of DS1520+ with Seagate IronWolf Pro drives that are on the compatibility list and just recently deployed the same drives on a DS1522+ but was presented with a warning during setup that the installed disks within the volume that it’s not tested and could result in data loss etc.

How concerned should one be, or can this just be ignored?

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It seems like Synology has really been dragging their feet with adding new drives to the compatibility list, in favor of their own drives.

With any units that are non XS / under 9 bays drive compatibility is not that big of a deal. I recommend clients ironwolf drives all the time for units they are not ‘compatible’ I ignore the warning and move on

I can confirm as I have 18TB drives in my Ds1522+. However, the real question is, can we do 20TB+ Drives? Whats the upper limit on HDD Capacity on the Ds1522+?

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Haha thanks man!

So Synology does not have any maximum drive size that I know of! You should be able to dump in the 22TB drives whenever they come out!

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I just added a 20TB WD Gold to my DS1522+

This is really helpful! I’m a first time NAS user and I’ve been trying to learn a lot recently. I originally purchased 18TB EXOS drives and they were not compatible. now I have 12 TB IronWolf and they are working, but I regret getting this size. I think I may erase the drives and return for larger capacity. Any idea why the EXOS drives didn’t work and is the TB ceiling really non-existent? Thanks!

For additional context, the product number for the 12TB is ST12000VN0008 and the “VN” series is listed on Synology’s site… and I’m also concerned with seeking higher capacities of IronWolf because the serial number of “Iron Wolf PRO” is now a “NT” variant like the 22TB (ST22000NT001) - Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi, I wonder the same thing, I’d like to purchase a few 20TB drives, Ironwolf Pro ST20000NT001, but not only Synology’s list goes only up to 16TB, but the drives are older ones. Does anybody have some real life experience these 20TB are a good choice? I’d not like to have to buy the Synology ones, as they are almost twice as much… Thanks!

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I might just buy a few 20TB on amazon and return if they dont work. Nothing to lose I supposed.