Is it Possible to Disable Web Access to Synology Drive?

Dear Synology Experts!

I have a Synology NAS, primarily for file storage and sharing within my team. Recently. One thing that’s been on my mind is whether it’s possible to disable web access to Synology Drive.

Here’s the scenario: I’ve set up my NAS to grant access from outside the internet via a domain. However, I prefer for users to utilize the Synology Drive Client due to its seamless integration with our workflow and added security features.

So, my question is, can I disable web access to Synology Drive while still allowing users to access it via the Synology Drive Client? Essentially, I want to enforce the use of the client application while maintaining the availability to share links with non-Synology users.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Synology Drive uses port TCP 6690. You can set up firewall rules to do that. Have each of your remote users go to and then go to " What’s my IP address?". Have them copy that number down and send it to you (it’s their public IP address). Then you can create firewall rules on the router to specifically allow those addresses through TCP 6690. After that list is complete the next rule down must be to block all internet traffic trying to get in using TCP 6690. Don’t worry about any UPnP rule for 6690 that is further down the list. It just won’t get used anymore. The drawback is that any other local hackers on those same IPs will still have access but as long as your user clients’ have their own user accounts and strong passwords you should be safe. But back up your router configs first so you can reload them if the desired result is not achieved.

Sorry Alex,
I think I misunderstood your question. You want people who can remotely log into the NAS to not have access to Synology Drive but can still upload files using Synology Drive Client. I’m not sure if that’s possible but if all those with remote access to the NAS are “users” and not admins, it might be possible if you remove everyone’s permission to access the Synology Drive app. Go to Control Panel > User & Group . Then under the group tab click the Users category and then Edit. In the Pop-up window click the Applications tab. From here you can determine which packages will appear on their dashboard. Add whatever packages you want them to have but check “deny” for Synology Drive. If it works the way I think it should, they can still use Synology Drive Client on their workstations but when they log into the NAS , the Synology Drive icon will not be there. Is that what you’re looking to do?