Is SSR to DVA1622 supported?

I recently setup a DVA1622(NAS#2) as surveillance station with a small customer. Works nicely as expected.

Anyhow, I wanted to use the DVA1622 also as a target for SnapShotReplication (SSR) from NAS#1 and I am running into a sort of problem.

When I set-up SSR on NAS#1 and select the DVA1622 as target the authentication windows pops-up. I enter the credentials of the DVA1622 and the window closes without error message. But the authenticated user is not displayed in the SSR setup dialog and the “Next” button just reopens the authenciation pop-up.

SSR from DVA162 to NAS#1 works and reversing the replication direction with “FAIL OVER” also works.

Is it possible that the DVA stations do not support SSR when they are setp as initial target?

SOLVED - SSR to DVA1622 is possible !

I had checked “Control Panel / Login Portal / Automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS for DSM DESKTOP” in combination with the self-generated Synology Certificate

The brower (Edge) did not fully digest the Synology Certificte of NAS2 and also installing the Synology Certificate in the local machines Certificate Store under trusted root certificate did not allow NAS1 to authenticate against NAS2.

2 Options - use a proper certificate OR uncheck this chekbox