Is there an easy way to check is keeping indexer busy

Recently my indexer has been running more often then I expected. I have started using active backup for business and want to make sure it’s not starting to index thigs I really don’t need index. The folder to index are specified as expected, photos etc.

I have drive set up too and using one share for lightroom catalogue. I turned off indexing of catalogue …

Possible the Nas is just taking longer with all backup activities… It would be nice to double check … If I uploaded new pictures I can understand but indexer is spinning with noting new added in at least a week.

So if you have synology drive enabled on a team folder, I dont think you are able to disable indexing. I am guessing that this is what is going on. Every time lightroom closes it makes a small change to all of the preview files (as far as I can tell)

What you may do is disable the preview files (standard, 1:1, and smart) from your Synology Drive Sync to keep them from ever getting uploaded