Looking at Asustor Lockerstor 4 gen2 as a Truenas server

I am looking to purchase a Lockerstor 4 Get 2 and change the OS for Truenas.

The spec look good 4 drive bay and 4 M.2 slot. 2x 2.5gig network port and can add a 10gbe network port.

Wondering if it could be a good move. Synology hardware is a bit more expansive.

what do you think?

Sorry for the late reply, but I personally think it does make sense if you want exactly the feature set that it offers, as a custom mini-ITX solution just doesn’t have so many NAS/server features. However, you should check other sources for its compatibility with TrueNAS. Also, memory capacity is something you should think about - whether 32GB, the absolute maximum that it can have, is enough for you.