M.2 Cache - snv3410- Configuration?

I bought a Synology 1522+ NAS and an additional M.2 SSD (400gb, snv3410). I installed it prior to starting the NAS the first time and it shows as healthy in my storage manager.

My question is, do I need to do any configuration of that SSD so that I get the max benefit from it?

(It’s been a few weeks since my initial setup and I don’t recall any questions when I started the NAS the first time).
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Also, I noticed that in my storage manager, that under the Manage Available Drives, it says that ‘The system detected that 1 drive is not in use…’. I’m assuming it’s my SSD as the other 3 drives are used in the storage pool.

Should I create cache on the SSD drive? If so, how much space should I allocate? I’m not sure of the steps involved in adding cache.
(I currently have 3 - 16 TB drives with 29TB of useable space, 9 in use now)


Synology’s Knowledge Center is the best guide. I always create read-write cache environments to improve the overall performance and have no use case for a small cache volume- your needs may differ.

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An SSD cache is linked to a volume. If you have a single volume, use the entire capacity of the SSD. A cache is not created automatically. You must create and assign it manually.
Go to Storage Manager and select Storage at the left. On the right screen, click Create > Create SSD Cache. Follow the instructions on the screen.

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Thanks. I’ve created the cache in storage manager. I’m not sure how to tell if any of my activities take advantage of it. I think there is another option to do a Cache Analysis so maybe I’ll let than run for a while and see what type of feedback I get. Thanks again.