Mac Synology Drive Icons?

Wondering why the Synology Drive Icons appear in different locations on my new M2 MacBook Air vs my old 2012 MacBook Pro? Is this just because the difference in their OS versions?

Are you referring to the top icon in the tray?

Or icon are you talking about?

#1 On my MacBook Pro 2012 running 10.15.7,
There’s a folder named “SynologyDrive” in my user folder,
which I can drag to make an alias to in the Mac finder “favorites” sidebar; and,

#2 On my M2 MacBook Air running 13.2.1,
There’s no folder named “SynologyDrive” in my user folder, so there’s no alias I can make in the Mac finder “favorites” sidebar.

Both Macs have the Synology drive listed in the finder sidebar at /Locations/Network/QuickConnectName

and both Macs have “Synology Drive Client” in the finder “Applications” folder.

I’m wondering if this difference is just due to the different OS versions or if it reflects something I did differently.


So the folder that is used for sync is chosen under the sync task. Check it out in the settings and you can put it wherever you want

Ah, I think Will actually answers my question in his YouTube video “How to use NEW Synology Drive on Demand Sync for MacOS” at @14:50, where he says the Mac system determines where the Synology Drive folder will be place. So this explains why the Synology Drive locations can be different depending on the Mac’s OS version. Thanks again Will!

On my 2012 MacBook Pro running 10.15 the location is
so I see it there & can move an alias of it to the finder sidebar

On my new M2 MacBook Air running 13.2.1 the location is
and as it turns out, I can find it there & likewise move an alias of it to the finder sidebar

I like to use the folder aliases to drag items for storage on the NAS, with access from my Mac if needed, without having to store them on my Mac first and it also seems to me to be a faster and less cumbersome way to get files to the Synology Drive folder bypassing the Synology App.

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Yeah, the ‘on demand sync’ for MacOS forces you to put the files in that CloudStorage library. But everything else should work as designed