MacOS and file sharing

Not sure where to put this, moved if needed. I have a new client and they added a few MacBook Pros to their network for the design team (before I came onboard) The file shares on the Mac are incredibly slow, corrupts files, sharing violations.

Some info:

  • MacBook Pros (2023) Ventura 13.4.1
  • AWS File server
  • I will get more info about the entire network setup asap.

Just curious especially @Will (I know he’s a Mac user and a lot of experience with this) has anyone experienced major issues with a Mac in a file sharing environment especially with the file server on AWS? I’m not an experienced Mac user, so please be patient with me. haha Any help and/or info would be greatly appreciated.

Summary of the issues:

  • They get an error message when they try and edit a file on the network drive, save it and then open it
    back up. (see below for the error message).
  • They complain of slow speeds when accessing network drives.
  • They have similar issues when use Adobe programs with corruption of the files.


how is it linked to Synology?