MacOS finder search on SMB Share

I am connected on my mac Via SMB and I also run Synology Drive. If I search for a file\folder it find the Finder It find the Synology Files but not the SMB Files - Any Advise?

So by default MacOS does not search a network drive as it could take hours to find something due to the fact that it is not indexed. However since DSM 7.0 macs can use the index that universal search creates.

Team folders by default have filenames indexed, but you can add anything under universal search → settings → indexed folder list:

You may need to update your SMB package in Synology as there was a bug with the new MacOS update:

  1. Fixed an issue where searching with Finder Search on macOS 13 could not function properly.

But search should work if you have both those things, though sometimes it is a bit of a black box where there is not much you can do if it does not work

Thank you Im Testing. What is the difference between this 2 Options

So the first one (in Control Panel) is only used for media indexing (like media server) its legacy, thats the only reason its still in there

The actual search one is the second one

I SOOO MUCH appreciate your feedback…

Im Missing something - Why cant I Search for example folder “CAT PAT”. I have not even Tries MACOS. Assume If I cant find it on NAS Itself. MACOS wont find

There is an option somewhere in there to reindex everything under Universal Search. I would do that. You are correct, if it does not show up in universal search its not going to show up on MacOS Finder