MailPlus - are there any use cases!?

Hi all i’m a little confused by the concept of MailPlus. Clearly, hosting your own emails is a terrible idea(?) if you want them to be delivered. So what (if any) is the compelling reason to use MailPlus? talking for a small family, not enterprise!

I mean just from a consumer perspective it would be cool to have email + calendar + chat + contacts saved on the NAS but not at the expense of not having emails delivered…


Huge thanks


So if you were just going to use them for local emails, or to receive emails then you can use mail plus! The biggest issue is actually getting mail consistently delivered!

We frequently use MailPlus as mail relay with customers that have Office365.
Setting up O365 outbound email for ERP systems and network devices such as multifunction printers now requires modern authentification. Also plain simple SMTP is not any more supported.

In this use case MailPlus is strictly used for outbound mail. No inbound mails, port forwarding, firewall rules, dyndns account etc