Mapping a drive remote access

I currently have a folder on my Synology NAS mapped to Z:

My DAM on the laptop uses Z: for archve folders.

I also use Synology Drive Client and Quick Connect to access my NAS and this works well even when I am travelling overseas.

I’ve watched this video “Setup Synology OpenVPN Server” but understand I would lose QuickConnect and I also wonder whether Synology Drive Client would work with Open VPN when remote from my local network.

Is there a solution to access a mapped network folder which allows QuickConnect and Synolody Drive to work while travelling.

If not, my workaround will be to use Synology Drive Client to link an external 2TB SSD When travelling.

OpenVPN and QuickConnect are two ways of external access. I did some tests, and you can use both simultaneously.

Please understand that both methods for external access use different data transfer protocols: SMB for OpenVPN and HTTPS for QuickConnect.

Drive mapping requires SMB and should work via OpenVPN. Ensure you enter the IP address, not the NAS name, as the name is not resolved via the VPN tunnel. There is a trick to overcome this limitation.

Applications like the Synology Drive Client should be able to use the QuickConnect connection, even during an OpenVPN connection.

Many thanks, I’ve set it up and it works perfectly.

The video gave me the impression that I’d lose QuickConnect but thanks for advising this is not the case.

As the Digital Asset Management software I uses a mapped drive this means I need to have OpenVPN running even if I am at home on the LAN. I’m wondering if there would be a performance hit. Seems to work OK as far as I can tell.