Mapping SMB to my PC not working

Whenever I try to do the “Map Network Drive” and type in \[NAS name], it does not work. When I try using the IP, it does not work. I turned on the SMB service and did those steps before the part where you map it. If you know any tips to fix this issue, please tell me about it.

Here is the video where I learned about file sharing with SMB:

Note: I am on windows 11

How may backslashes are you using, one or two?

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I used two backslashes. However I got this mapping issue fixed by mapping it by using synology assistant. But I do want to find out why it did not work the way i did it (using file explorer).

It should work. Are you trying to map the whole server to a drive letter? Looks like you haven’t specified a shared folder in your path. You can only map a specific folder; not a server. Also, are the computer and NAS all on the same subnet?