Maximising Performance Between Two Local DS1815+s

TL;DR - what do I need to do to maximise throughput between two DS1815+s, currently both connected to a shared gigabit switch each using only one of their four LAN ports?

This optimisation is a precursor to the migration of my systems from ext4 to Btrfs as encouraged in your channel :slight_smile:


I have just discovered your channel, subscribed, and become a member. Great content, which unfortunately has quickly exposed my woefully sub-optimal Synology configurations - e.g. ext4 instead of Btrfs.

I have a home setup with 2 x fully populated DS1815+s with about 35TB of data and 21TB free. The data is a mixture of family system images (Acronis) and data, and a significant amount of media that is served up locally by Plex.

DSM is 7.1.1-42962 Update 6 on both systems

A single volume exists on both, using the ext4 file system.

I use Synology Drive ShareSync to mirror the ‘primary’ NAS, configured as a ShareSync client, to the ‘secondary’ configured as a ShareSync Server. The NASs are on a gigabit switch network, sharing the same switch but with only a single LAN connection from each to the switch. Version control is not (I think) of much benefit in my use case so I have Sync Mode configured with no version control, Upload Only, and don’t keep locally deleted files on the remote server.

All user file I/O takes place on the ‘primary’ NAS leaving the secondary as a real-time backup.

So, my first skim through your channel content brings me to -

  1. I need a UPS
  2. I need to be using the Btrfs file system
  3. I need to optimise the transfer speed between my primary and secondary NASs - primarily to minimise transfer times during the reconfiguration process.

My game plan is -

  1. Protect the NASs with a UPS.
  2. Maximise the transfer speed between the two NASs through network and software configuration changes as necessary.
  3. Wipe the secondary NAS and reinstall DSM, specifying Btrfs.
  4. ShareSync the data on the primary back to the new Btrfs secondary (which will become the primary).
  5. Point all my clients to the newly created Btrfs file system on the secondary.
  6. Reinstall DSM on the primary (now secondary) and ShareSync all the data back to it.

Once that is done I can look for other wins by diving deeper into your channel content.

So finally to my questions :roll_eyes:

  1. Does the above game plan seem sensible?
  2. How can I maximise the transfer rate between the two NASs before the necessary data transfers - accepting that I am happy to make some investment in network hardware as necessary?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Neil :slightly_smiling_face: