Method to Set 'No Access' for Specific Group on Replicated Snapshots

Hello all,

I’m currently using the latest Synology DSM on two DS1522’s, with Snapshot Replication for data backup. My setup involves replicating snapshots to a remote NAS. Post-replication, I need to implement an automated method that sets ‘No Access’ permissions for a specific group of users on the replicated snapshots. This should happen just after the replication process is complete.

Here’s a brief overview of my setup:

  • Primary NAS running Snapshot Replication.
  • Remote NAS receiving the replicated snapshots.
  • A user group on the remote NAS ‘no-access’ that should have no access to these snapshots once replication is completed.

My objective is to restrict access to the replicated data for this particular group automatically. I’m looking for suggestions on:

  • An script that can run post-replication to modify these permissions.
  • The best way to automate this script in the DSM environment, ensuring it triggers reliably after each replication cycle.

I tried a bash script with the following - with no luck…


synoacltool -set-archive older-here --no-user-access


/usr/syno/bin/synoacltool -add /volume1/folder-here group:no-access:deny:--:fd--


/usr/syno/bin/synoacltool -add /volume1/chat-1 group:no-access:deny

But these all error out…

Any guidance, script examples, or pointers would be greatly appreciated!