Migrating from SH1 to SH2 - Best Practice (or is RAID 6 better)

We have a DS923+ which is current configured as a 2 Drive SHR-1 with 6TB on 12TB drives and want to add 2 12TB drives and upgrade to a 4 drive configuration with at least two redundant drives. Which is a better direction SHR-2 or Raid 6?

If we upgrade the Raid to SHR-2 - can that be done in place in a reasonable time. Ive heard of examples of this taking weeks of non-stop operation. Are we better using a USB external drive backup. Reformating and Restoring. What issue might we encounter.

After some research I decided to stick with SH1, but add one drive for storage and another as a hot spare. leaving me Redundancy and a Hot Spare.

Adding the 12TB drive to the storage initially was agonising slow - I was only at 48% after 2 days. Then I found there was a setting in the Storage Management > Global Settings> Run Raid Resync Faster - that when selected boosted speed so that the remaining 52 percent finished in under 8 hours. This not noted in Synology’s documentation on time to add drives.