Migrating to encrypted volume on DSM 7.2

Situation :

I have 2 storage pool, each have 1 volume(max size of pool). I want to ‘convert’ primary volume to encrypted volume. However Synology does not support this, so I have to delete and recreate volume 1 as encrypted volume.

(volume 2 don’t have to be encrypted, since everything there is encrypted backup data of Hyper Backup and ABB.)

Storage pool :

pool 1 = volume 1: Every packages and data

pool 2 = volume 2: Hyper backup and Active Backup for Business backup data, Some of replicated shared folder

Process :

  1. Temporaly move Hyper Backup and ABB to volume 2, by deleting and reinstalling package.

  2. Backup everything to volume 2 using Hyper Backup.

  3. Backup containers via exporting in Container Manager.

  4. Uninstall packages, and delete volume 1.

  5. Create encrypted volume 1.

  6. Restore 2. to volume 1.

  7. Restore containers via importing in Container Manager

  8. Move Hyper Backup and ABB to volume 1.

What I lose :

  • Every snapshot

  • Every NAS log (Log Center, Storage Manager, Synology Drive Server, Resource Monitor…) I don’t know exact range, since some logs are managed by Synology system packages.

Question :

Am I safe to go through above process?

I hope this question can solve many other’s same problem as well.

This should be the overall process, but as I assume you know, it’s slightly risky having all of that data just in flight. I would really try to make sure you have a good backup of your really irreplaceable files that is on a different device just in case.

One thing you may also look at doing, is simply changing the location of the shared folder for all of your data from volume 1 to volume 2 then back. This may be easier overall, but you still loose your snapshots.

You then also could try moving your packages via SSH. The method is not supported officially, but has worked for me.

Disclaimer: I have used this before, and it has worked, but I would do a hyperbackup ahead of time just in case. It is also quite complicated and should only be done by people who are comfortable with SSH’ing into a NAS and creating links

Documented in this link

Thank you for reply.

I have 3 backups; Local backup(Full on-site), external HDD(Full offsite), OneDrive(Primary data only offsite). So I guess I can take the risk.

I considered moving shared folders and packages, but I realized I don’t have enough space in volume 2(Because ABB is taking space), so I have no choice…

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Ah, I had thought you were keeping the hyperbackup on volume 2, You should be fine!

Alright. I’m planning to go through above process in weekend; I’ll report here if I discover something important.

Alright, I successfully migrated to encrypted volume, and here’s some things that easy to miss to me.

  1. Re-configuring firewall. Removed packages’s firewall rules will be unchecked. (Or just restore system settings again with Hyper Backup, after restore is done.)

  2. Manually install Web Station dependencies like Apache, Nginx, PHP, Python. Before installing those, Web Station portals and services will be appear as broken. (You also have to rename each services.)

  3. Re-link Active Backup for Business storage. Every device and backup jobs will be added back when you re-link backup storage.

  4. If you set encrypted shared folder as Synology Drive team folder, and restored encrypted shared folder to unencrypted shared folder, you need to reconfigure that folder as team folder.

  5. After restore, Synology Drive Server and Universal Search will re-index everything again.

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