Migration from DS220+ to DS 923+ Photos Out of Sync

I was able to migrate my data using rsync - by following these instructions:

However, now I have two home folders, and Synology photos does not allow me to disable shared space to enable it again.

When I go to Synology photossettingsshared space-> disable shared space

gives the error: “Synology Photos needs at least one space to function.”

Now I can’t see my personal photos in Synology photos. And the photos I do have, I don’t know whether or not they are in the shared space.

Any suggestions?

Below are the steps of the article-
Log into the Synology DiskStation web portal on the new NAS, that’s the destination you want to copy/sync files to. Go to Control Panel → File Services → rsync and enable the rsync service.
2. Log into the Synology DiskStation web portal on the old NAS, the one with the files to copy. Navigate to Control Panel → File Services → Advanced and scroll down to Shared Folder Sync.
3. Click the Task List button and press Create. Select the source shared folder you want to copy. NOTE: If the directory/file names match with the destination, they will be renamed so they don’t clash with the sync process.
4. Follow the steps by pressing the Next button. In sync destination screen, the Synology should automatically detect the new Synology on your network, so you can simply select that and enter your login credentials.

So I would actually disagree with the steps laid out in the article for migrating from one Synology to another.

By far the easiest way to migrate and keep all of your settings s to install migration assistant, which will more or less bring everything over, and pretty much just work.

However to solve the situation that you are in, you need to do the following to get everything brought back over: (this is all done assuming you still have a backup ‘clean’ copy of your data on the 220+, just in case)

  1. Uninstall Synology Photos
  2. If you have more than 1 photo folder (shared space) delete the empty one, then rename the one from the DS220+ to photo
  3. Disable User Home under Control PanelUser & GroupAdvanced
  4. Open up the homes folder in DSM and move everything from the old home folder associated with your account into the new one

From here you should be able to reenable User Home and when you click on your home folder, it should properly have all of your files within it. You can now reinstall Synology Photos and reenable Shared Space and theoretically, everything should just come on over. Worst case you may have to play with some permissions.

TL;DR; If you are migrating from one NAS to another, you really should just use migration assistant

Solution: enabled user home service.

Before seeing your advice I went through the steps below:

I tried the migration assistant but it was giving me an error message that both NAS systems needed to be updated in order for migration to work. Both systems were indeed updated but were not communicating.

I went ahead with what the article. Now my personal photos file isn’t working.