Modify File Station Root Structure

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a DS923+ for media Collaboration between content creators, website builders and Social Media managers.

I would like to change the root folder structure of File Station. It currently has separate “Photo” and " video" folders, which I would like to regroup in a new root folder called " media assets".

It seems DSM won’t let me create a new folder at root level or modify the existing structure.

Anyone has input on this, as week as good practice for a clean folder structure?

Thanks !

Roma No

First, let’s rename the ‘root folder’ into ‘shared folder,’ as Synology and everybody else here calls it. It prevents confusion and will help you solve the issue.

In Control Panel > Shared Folders, you can create new shared folders and set appropriate permissions.
Note that shared folders with names like ‘photo’ and ‘video’ are protected in Synology because several applications use shared folders with these names.

Just create a new shared folder and move any folders you have in other shared folders into the new shared folder. In File Station, there is a powerful move command.

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Thank you Paul for the help, I will look into this method.