Moving Active Bacup to another NAS

What is the best way to mobe Active Backup for Business to another NAS ?

Hi, I recently setup Active Backup (thanks SPACEREX for videos) on my DS418play that Ive had for years. I just bought a DS1522+ (more thanks SPACEREX). My DS418play will eventually be wiped and become an offsite backup hyper target.

Im not doing a “synology migrate” as Im manually transfering the messy old files/folders into a different structure now Ive 5 years experience.

Active Backup…
Basically I dont want to have to do the initial sync up again.
I can copy over the base folder to new NAS and install Active Backup, and change the clients to access the new NAS…
But will all the first NAS’s “history/snapshots” be usable on the new NAS ? I dont want to have to do a restore only to find the files I copied over are some kind of mismatch.

Anyone done this before ? Advice ?

PS: this is my first post onto a “forum” ever, so be gentle with me :slight_smile: