Moving photos from "Personal space" to "Shared space"?

I’ve migrated all my & my wife’s Google photos to our NAS using Synology Photos. All the photos were automatically stored on Year / Month folders in our respective “spaces”. However, we want to use the facial tags to “filter” for specific photos we’d like to move to the “Shared space”.

Struggle is, photos have to be put into specific date folders when performing the “move to” function. So my questions are:

  1. is there an easier way to do this
  2. are the year / month folders necessary? Does the timeline view leverage the folder structure or simply the meta data. Would I be better off removing the sub folder structures and just have one big bulk photo that I can quickly move photos to and from.

Apart from the migration from Personal Space to Shared Space, you are aware you can enable the People album in each of your Personal Space for facial recognition? It is not a feature reserved for Shared Space.

Yes I am aware and utilize that feature. My issue is rather when moving photos from Personal space to shared space it does not automatically identify which folder to store each photo in based on the date tags the way it does when initially loading the files. I have to manually select photo library > year > month > (create new folder if month does not exist).

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this same challenge or if there is a work around. I’ve read the Photos app does not rely on the folder structure for the timeline view and I was curious if other users choose not to use the year/month folder structure.