Nas for Sports Photography

I am in need of a Nas for sports photography. I am shooting thousands of photos per game and each game total volume is around 256 GB before culling. I am looking for a solution to copy over all the files from the card directly to the NAS then cull through and edit over the network. I was considering the DS1522+ but wanted some feedback if that was still the best option.

Hey there,

Fellow photographer…sports, concerts, headshots, weddings, etc…

I have a Synology 1821+ with 8 16TB HDD, configured as SHR, gives me about 83 TB of useable storage…

I have used about 62 percent of my total storage, so will be looking to add a DX 517 expansion drive soon.

My workflow is a bit different…I have a Glyph 16TB external HD that I travel with. Ingest with PM, edit with PS. Usually have a month or two of events and then send to the NAS by direct connection when I am home for a period of time.

I do this as it feels faster and I have more control is I need to work from a vehicle, slow connections, etc.

Once I put the files onto the NAS, I still have access to them.

Anyways, hope this helps.


It also depends on the culling software. You’re good if the software works well over the network.