NAS has lost the connection to the UPS

I have a UPS connected to my Synology NAS via USB. I sheduale a shut my NAS down overnight when not using it/or for a long period of time not using it. The problem I am havnig is I get an email notification every single morning when the NAS turns on ‘‘NAS has lost the connection to the UPS - Please go to DSM > Control Panel > Hardware & Power > UPS to check the server settings.’’

When I view the power settings its all fine, I cannot actually save the settings as it says nothing has been changed.

Is this some kind of bug, or is it simply because the NAS has been turned off so the USB connection is discconted? Can I setup my own rule in notifications and deselect notifcations for this?

It’s a feature not a bug.

The NAS did lose connection with the UPS. The event is a critical event. Your notification rule is set to send the event.

The event notification can be disabled in the control panel but it could result in never hearing about an actual problem.

AFAIK, there’s no obvious way to conditionally disable notifications due to a user-initiated event. I have a similar gripe about receiving notifications due to maintenance activities in Container Manager. I’ve learned to live with it.