NAS reccos for ripped UHD/BD collection

Love your informative YT videos. I am looking to buy a NAS unit used almost exclusively to store and play ripped UHD/BD .iso files (currently 81 UHD/ 164 BD and growing). I have Verizon FIOS 1GB internet and the NAS will be located in an upstairs office with an Apple Mac Book Pro laptop and the NAS will be connected to a Fios E3200 WiFi extender (only way I can get a hardwired connection). As of now, I will play ripped movies through the Plex app on my Apple TV 4K connected to my LG OLED. But very soon, I plan to get a dedicated digital movie player like the R_volution PlayerOne 8K media player for my home theater. Any reccos are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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