NAS super slow in Finder with SSD Cache and 10GbE ? Synology DS1522+

Hey Guys,

What’s the reason the NAS gets so slow over the network and nearly freezes when copying files or work from it?

I am in the right IP with the 2.5 GbE Network but then longer I use it the slower it gets every so often. Then I have to disconnect and connect it again to have the full speed. I don’t have Ethernet connected. It feels so laggy, is that normal or do I do something wrong?

Synology DS1522+
4x Seagate 16TB
SYNOLOGY Ethernet, E10G22-T1-Mini 10GbE
400GB SSD for Cache

#1 Would be not connecting via Ethernet. When you’re on Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi controller will self-throttle to conserve energy (battery). This requires requires a change in user approach, i.e. connect via Ethernet, tweak your computer’s Wi-Fi stuff (setting in the OS), etc…

#2 Would be if the unit is doing indexing, which can take a very long time depending on your setting and the volume of data involved. This will self-resolve once it finishes the task.

Ethernet is much faster than WIFI. But you mention you’re not on Ethernet but show 2.5GbE? What is the unit really on? Don’t understand that part. WIFI is much slower and has constant adjustments to the data speeds due to distance.

I am on 2.5Gbe I have wifi on but have the Server via the Ethernet but after a while it slows down for some reason.