Need Help! Mounting my SYN NAS Server to IPAD Pro M1


I’m getting frustrated with mounting my Synology NAS with my IPad Pro M1. I’m using the DSM mobile on my iPad Pro. Everything seems to be working properly with the set up process except I can’t connect server through the file application on my iPad. I also have access via Quick Connect, but I edit film. I don’t want to access through both these methods.

I prefer to work with IPad due to how minimal it is and it grabs less attention than a traditional bulk of a laptop.

Thank you,

Some parts of your post are not clear to me.

You use ‘DSM mobile’ on your iPad. I am not familiar with any app with that name. Could you perhaps be more specific? Is it the DS finder or the DS file app, perhaps? By the way, you need the DS file app. You can use this app instead of the Files app.

You can’t connect to the server through the file application you mentioned on the iPad. I assume it is the Files app. Please be aware that you do not need any other app for the Files app to connect. Could you share the steps you took to connect and the response?